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- Map Drawing
- OG Layers

- Identify Features
- Print Maps
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  Hide/unhide the menu bar: by clicking the Bear Creek icon on the left side of menu bar, you may hide or unhide the menu bar
  Shift key: you may zoom in the map by holding Shift & drag a rectangle on the map to zoom to the rectangular area
  Ctrl key: holding Ctrl key & drag a rectangle on the map to zoom out
  Mouse wheel: to use your mouse wheel to zoom in/out
  Lat/long display on top of the menu bar is in NAD 83. To get lat/long in NAD 27, use ‘Identify’ tool under “Tools”;
  Right click on map to use the Context Menu.
Directory Search:
  Tools -> Search Directory
  Search by keywords
  Search by drawing a graphic area
  Search by Both keywords & graphics


Start searching using the keywords search tool
  Click the graphic to switch to Graphics Search tool
  Select a graphic and draw on the map to search
Map Drawing
  Tools -> Maps Drawing
  Click to select graphics and customize drawing styles
  To display measurements like area, length, or perimeter of your drawings, click to configure the measurement settings:
  Go back to the graphics selection page to select graphics and start drawing.;
  Click icon to save your graphics to your PC; Click button to load your saved graphics file.
  You may undo your graphic elements by Right-Clicking your graphic and select ‘Remove me’. This may produce undesirable result if your graphics overlap, especially when a graphic element is complete within a larger polygon graphic.
  To draw long linear features such as pipelines, it is recommended to break into segments, so that you may delete unwanted segment and redraw.
OG Layers
‘OG Layers’ are custom GIS layers including oil/gas wells, pipelines, survey, township/range/section, etc. You may use this tool to turn on/off layers. Attention: layers are scaled dependent. You must zoom in to a certain level before you see the layer features even if they are turned on.


Select from Map -> OG Layers to open ‘OG Layers’ tool
  Click ? to expand the layer group (icon changed to?) to view individual layers
  You may turn on/off individual layers or layer groups by checking on/off the checkbox next to each layer or layer group.
  You may click to change transparency level of GIS layer groups.
Identify Features
You may use the ‘Identify Features’ to retrieve feature attributes of custom GIS layers as shown in ‘OG Layers’. You can NOT identify features of the road/street or underlying image layers.


Select Tools->Identify Features to open the tool
  Click the graphic to select the point tool
  Click any visible features on map to display the attributes
Print Maps
  Printing maps tool allows you to print the current view of the map or print to PDF file.


Select the tool from Map -> Print
Input the title & subtitle, click ‘Print View’ to print the current map view to printer directly, or click ‘Print PDF’ to export to a PDF file format.